Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day started as a normal one but ended off as an accomplishment. We woke up like normal to music and breakfast and started our morning sail to West End. Then when we came back from port to the boat and started our long sail back to GHP. That was when our day became intense. We (Dolphins) had to prepare our research paper, and the Neptunes were preparing for their final dive test. This was happening while we were sailing and the waves were quite rough. Our boat felt like a ball in a pinball machine. Once we made it to GHP, the Neptunes went diving, but the Dolphins were determined to finish their paper. Later we all showered and ate dinner; then it was the final stretch. It was my job to put the final touches on the paper, and the moment my finger hit the last key, I was filled with Pure Joy! I was almost as happy as a kid who finished their last final exam. Almost. We still have the last hurdle tomorrow, which is the final project presentation in front of the rest of the Dolphins. We will be ready for it!