Location: West End, Tortola

The tanks are full, the dive gear dry, the sails flaked, papers are graded, clothes off the lines, bags are packed to the brim, and the summer finally draws to a close and the members of Peeps Larou take a moment to enjoy that last few moments of each others company before we head back to our respective homes. These past 17 days have been ones that I’m sure none of our crew will soon forget as we have dove some amazing sites, sailed around beautiful islands, and laughed until it hurt more times than we can count. We knew instantly from the moment we left the dock that this was a unique group of shipmates, but we didn’t quite realize exactly how much they would change us and makes this trip one for the books. It has been amazing to watch our students grow as shipmates, divers, sailors, and people and we are going to sorely miss the elephants running around our heads at night. There are so many wonderful things about each of them; it’s hard to pick what we will miss most. There would have been many mornings that would have been much harder to get through without the wonderful galley skills of Jaye. Kyle was always around to lend a helping hand whenever we were coming into port or up to a mooring ball. Julia’s amazing sailing skills brought us home the win in the Dive Side Dehydrator regatta, the first for Peeps for the summer! Preston’s professional DJing skills made any cleanup session or long sail much more exciting. Laurel, our solo Neptune on board, rocked it out in the diving world as she became our only Advanced Diver for the session. Mariel’s passion for all things science was especially shown in her research project presentations. Johns energy and jokes kept us all laughing and ready to take on even the longest afternoon. Colette and Maddy Ts stories provided endless entertainment on board. It was physically impossible to be sad around Maddie D as she seemed to always have a huge smile. Ryan was our head anchorman while Matt ran our mooring team.

As you can see, the Peeps team would never be the same if we were missing a single individual. We were truly a lucky group to wind up with such an amazing team, and it was the best way for us to end the summer. Thanks for the great ride everyone, best of luck in all your future adventures!