Location: West End, Tortola

It has been a fantastic past nine days on Love Of My Life to finish our wonderful voyage. We did some incredible dives on the north side of Tortola, visiting Guana Island, Brewers Bay, and the famous Playgrounds off of Jost Van Dyke. Over the past few days, our Neptunes finished up their Wreck diving certification by setting reels inside the Beata wreck off cooper island and successfully navigating through the wreck. Our rescue divers struggled through their first scenario before absolutely nailing the final two, thoroughly impressing the entire staff. Erin, Jessica, and Madison are the masters of on boat care, using oxygen, bag valve masks, and demand inhalator valves to stabilize and resuscitate our patients. Quinlan would take point on most scenarios, assigning roles and responsibilities and managing the scene, and Tyler, Alex, Istvon, Madeleine, would always hit the water to rescue our panicked and unresponsive divers and bring them back to safety. Jared and Boyd were the utility knives of the team, acting as standby divers, helping with exits, and getting involved wherever they were needed. Overall our Rescue divers performed impressively through their very challenging course and are now officially certified after passing their exams and acing their final scenario this morning. While not actually part of the Rescue program, Gabe always offers his assistance during the scenarios and has been a key component to the functioning of our boat, helping out everywhere and always expanding his knowledge. Amy regularly leaves everyone in stitches with her awesome sense of humor and perpetually bright and positive outlook and has been an absolute joy to be around. Wilks is our boat photographer, taking some amazing photographs of our voyage and loves sailing our boat around these beautiful islands. Overall we have had an absolute blast with these 13 wonderful people, and while it’s been amazing to see all they’ve accomplished, I know we are all sad to be wrapping up our time together as we have become a tight-knit family and have had the best time together. Each and every one of them has left a positive impression on Jake, Blair, and myself, and we all agree we couldn’t have had a better group to end our Summer in the BVI.