Location: Spanish Town, The Baths, and The Bight

We woke up after our last night sail to Spanish Town and had cereal for breakfast. After breakfast, we cleaned up and got our sail test practice questions for our final review before the test. We reviewed anchors, lights, points of sail, and right of way rules. After the official review session, Sam gave us 20 minutes to cram before she passed out the test. After 20 minutes, we all spread out on the ship and began the test. Within 30 minutes, everyone finished their tests. We began to ask each other the answers while we waited for them to be graded. We then sailed to the Baths for a group photo and to explore. After exploring the Baths, we began our sail over to the Bight where our voyage began. One by one, Sam called us down below to go over the results of our written exams and practical exams. Some of us took the helm with Andy to finish our practice exams. Charter took the helm after practicals and took us the remainder of the way to the Bight. We had many visitors eager to enjoy Mexican Night for dinner in the massive cockpit of Los Escapados. Tomorrow morning is the race, and we are all eager to show everyone our superior ship and sailing skills.