Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was a day of accomplishments. We started the day with a yummy breakfast of french toast, a favorite. After filling our bellies, it was time for a film on turtles which are all near and dear to our heart. So we are all excited to watch it. After finishing that touching film, it was time to dive, but this dive was special because it was our last dive for our open water certification. After about 5-7 minutes of skills, it was time to party. With all of the time we had in our new world it was fun to show off all the cool moves we could do such as flips and spins. After all the fun, it was time to surface for the sweet taste of certification which by the way everyone on our boat received. After that, it was time to sail the boat to our next location, which is Sandy Spit, the most photographed place in the British Virgin Islands. We anchored down, did some cleaning, and prepped for our sailing practical, which is what we will do tomorrow. Now we are going to the beach BBQ and bonfire which will be great, and we are all super excited and enjoying every moment here in the British Virgin Islands!!