Location: West End, Tortola

La Bella Vita awoke to a mix of emotions: excited for the big race yet devastated to be leaving this beautiful place. As we ate breakfast and prepared for the day there was only one thing on everyone’s mind: the race. Raising the mainsail and getting into our starting position we all screamed and cheered in hope for a win. 321 and were off and the race has begun, the jib is out, and La Bella Vita is fighting for the top spot. As the race came to a close Bella Vita was trailing Wind Shadow who was behind Aeolus. With much enthusiasm, Bella soared past Wind Shadow, coming in second, less than a boat length away from Aeolus. We all gathered in the cockpit very happy with the outcome. Soon after, the cleaning began. Jamming to music and scrubbing away, Bella was looking spotless. After cleaning, came shore time. The thought of it being the last day finally started to sink in as we had our final squeeze. The night ended with a barbecue and one last night of sleep before departing in the morning. Thank you ActionQuest for an experience of a lifetime as well as friends and memories that will last forever. Safe to say, best summer ever!