Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Sadly, today was our last real day of ActionQuest. Considering tomorrow we race, clean, and pack all day, and we had to make today count. Also, it was a shipmate’s birthday, so it was even more of an excuse to have the best day. We started our day with some lovely pancakes, and a huge M and M filled pancake for the birthday boy, James. After everyone ate and we washed the dishes, we all found a quiet place along the deck and took our sailing tests. Even though it was difficult and tedious, I’m proud of the fact that I can say I did my best and I think I did great. Tests were done, and everyone had the opportunity for either a final waterskiing session or relax on the boat and swim. Recreational fun time soon came to a close, and we strapped on our flotation devices and raised our sails and made our way to Road Town. After a lovely early afternoon sail, we took the dinghy into town and had a few hours to shop around, get a nice meal, or see the streets and have fun. We all got lunch and Gelato and had a great time walking around. The hours passed, and soon, we were back to boat life upon the fine vessel, the Prosecutor. We, again, raised our mainsail and our jib and I took the helm and successfully made it to the Bight. We ate dinner and had a group chat about how tomorrow was going to work, final clean, and all that stuff. After our talk, they explained the final program to us. The final program is when you write on a single index card, your positive comments on everyone on our boat, and others if we wanted to. Writing every index card took a lot of effort and energy and took us hours to do, but I’m glad I was awake enough to truly my heart into those cards. I know I will miss my boat more than anything, and I hope they know I do love them all to the death of me. You’ve all touched my heart, and I’ll be sure to keep in touch. Well, it was a long day and an even longer night, but it was a fantastic final day.