Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started like most others with everyone gathering for breakfast. Not long after breakfast, the two different groups, dolphins and Neptunes, split off. For us Neptunes, we split between two separate boats to dive from; Orka tew and Seas the Day. For the Neptunes, the first dive was a wreck. The wreck was in a solid piece, and teeming with marine life. There were plenty of schools o small fish and well as some larger individuals. The most spectacular fish was a large Nassau Grouper. After this dive, us Neptunes took a nap on seas the day. The second dive, we traveled as a group of five, including someone from seas the day. On this dive, we were without an instructor and navigated ourselves. I’m proud to say we safely returned to the boat! After this, we spotted several dolphins, then all he catamarans rafted together!