Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, the whole ship woke up at 7 am (except chefs who had to wake up at 6 to prepare breakfast!) since we had to leave Savannah Bay quite early to get to the Bathes. Being skipper is so awesome, especially when you have such an awesome mentor like Blair! We stopped at the Bathes and exploring the rocks was really fun! The only problem was that we weren’t allowed to jump into the water because of the jellyfish spotted earlier. When we left the Bathes, we went straight to Spanish Town and had awesome burgers at the Bath and Turtle. After wondering around a bit and stocking up on groceries, we headed back to the boat. Docking and un-docking is challenging but fun. Well, I suppose that not destroying the boat counts as a successful dock! On the way to Mountain Point, we decided to sail. All was running smoothly with Blair (most awesome skipper ever!) giving me advice about steering the boat and teaching me the physics of sailing. We were cruising at a steady 9.3 knots with 25 knot wind speed, when all of a sudden we hit a gust! We suddenly picked up speed and everybody (including me) totally panicked but Blair handled it totally calm and controlled. It was like getting a speed boost in Mario Cart only on a boat! After we lowered the sails we motored steadily onwards until we got Mountain Point. While most of the Dolphins were studying hard for our exams/projects, Chloe and Doug had a food fight! Cleaning up after them was slightly annoying but the laughs it brought us were totally worth it! Then we snorkeled out the site for the night dive. Everybody was really scared of jellyfish although there ended up being none. Dinner was veggie burgers. They were actually pretty good! My squeeze question was what was the most embarrassing moment in your life? There were some pretty funny stories! Gotta go, Blair is calling us to go diving!