Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was one of my favorite and most fun days yet. We started off the day at Vixen Point with some yummy breakfast. Today was a rotation day which means that we go all around doing fun activities. Our first activity of the day was kneeboarding and wakeboarding. After this we came back to the boat and learned a bunch of knots. Some of the knots we learned were the clove hitch, bowline, and cleat hitch. Next we went to the beach and did windsurfing. This was fun because some people would go too far out and have to be rescued. After windsurfing we had a much needed lunch. We then sunscreened ourselves up for about the third time. We went to another boat to learn about coral and what trash can do to the oceans. We then went snorkeling. We saw baby barracuda, upside down jellyfish, and lobster! Next we took showers in preparation for the BBQ where all the AQ boats got to meet up. Overall today was a great and fun day I certainly won’t forget.