Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up at Mountain Point. We had a later start for the first time and didn’t have to wake up until 8! We raised sails in the morning and spent the rest of the morning practicing our sailing skills. The non-divemasters got a lot of time to practice maneuvering the boat. After our morning sail, we picked up a mooring at Trellis Bay and spent the afternoon on shore. We ate FAS (Famous Awesome Sandwiches) at Trellis Kitchen, and they completely live up to their name. Then many of us stopped by the local market to stock up on candy and Nutella before returning to the boat. We left Trellis Bay around 3 and moved across the way to Marina Cay to fill our fresh water tanks and anchor for the night. The chefs cooked some great tortellini for dinner, the same meal we ate for our first night together. We are now cleaning up and preparing for Lifeworks tonight. It was a great day sailing out on the water, and we’re all excited to wake up and do it again tomorrow!