Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Our morning began in a very relaxing manner. After eating cereal for breakfast in Marina Cay, we relaxed for a while as our staff went to a staff meeting. We then proceeded to do boat workouts, sleep, play cards, and blast “dubstep.” When our staff returned we headed out and practiced how to tack and jibe (especially when we played Al’s speed game and did donuts with our boat). Around noon we headed to Trellis Bay and got to go on land while we stocked up on food and got our laundry back. There we had lunch at the cyber cafe where we got “famous awesome sandwiches’ and went to the local art gallery/studio to look around. We also went to the market and found out, much to our dismay, that there was no more Nutella for us to buy. Afterward, we got back to our laundry bag filled the boat and headed to Muskmelon Bay. There we unloaded each boat’s laundry from our boat, practiced back dives while showering, and had a lovely dinner of chili and rice.