Location: Summer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up to muffins and a stingray jumping out of the water which was awesome. Dolphins went on another research dive for their projects while the Neptunes got to go waterskiing. Kris convinced some of them to go “extreme” kneeboarding instead. Anna decided to go first, and it was pretty good. Up next was Marissa who was good and “extreme.” Afterward, Jonathan showed everyone how to do a proper bellyflop. After Dolphins and Neptunes split up. Dolphins went off to tag turtles while Neptunes went to hang out at the beach. Greg from Grand Cru made an epic hut out of sticks and palm tree leaves and cut open some coconuts. Meanwhile, the Dolphins were chasing turtles and caught a turtle. They also spotted two blacktip reef sharks and three stingrays. Eventually, Dolphins and Neptunes reunited on Odyssea to prepare for tonight’s beach BBQ. Today was a nice relaxing day, and I can’t wait for the beach.