Location: Vastervik

Early start again this morning. Today we go deep deep deep. Our mission today is to side scan and ROV a wreck that was shared by MMT. They asked if we would go get more data on this wreck. There is a theory that this wreck may have been sunk by the Mars the day before she was sunk. When put in the context of the historical record, Mars had a battle the day before her sinking in the same general area. Our goal is to get more data to confirm or reject this theory.

It is a deep wreck, lying in 87 meters (about 270ft). Getting the gear together to launch the big side-scan sonar is complex and time-consuming. Thankfully we have many hands to chip in. Once launched, we begin driving a grid pattern over the area where we think the wreck is. And within an hour, we have a promising echo. After three more hours, we have five more images and confirmed the exact position. We all take turns looking at the waterfall from the sonar, managing the reel, and the layback (position of the sonar relative to the boat). We work as a team trying to get the best image possible.

And somewhere in the middle of that, we eat a lactose/gluten-free pizza. Try as it did, the oven just can’t melt gluten/lactose-free cheese. Not sure it is possible, but the vegan aboard is a happy shipmate.

After confirming the position and getting some good images, we begin to set up the ROV to get some video. Due to some technical difficulties, we had to delay the launch of the ROV, which is fine, because we had to go to Vstervik to pick up Tom.

We did launch Tiago off the back of the boat for an ice cream run. We are certain there is a direct correlation between technical difficulties and ice cream consumption. So, we must have more ice cream.

We then headed out to anchorage for the evening. We watched a movie about a sunken ship in the Mediterranean. And then we had a great feast of Roast, potatoes, and Salad. We killed five pounds of beef!!

The coolest thing was watching Wilks draw an illustration of the time spent at the Vasa Museum.  Wicked cool!.