Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a long but amazing day. It began at about 1 am when the anchor began to drag across the bottom. We were jolted awake by the sound of the engines and the anchor windlass working double-overtime to pull in the dragging anchor. After re-setting the anchor and falling back asleep, we awoke again at around 6:30. We left Mountain Point at around 7:15 to begin our voyage to The Baths. We arrived at about 9:00 and went to explore The Baths. During the exploration of The Baths, we came across a few jumping rocks, which quickly became filled with ActionQuest students doing flips and jumps off the tops of them. After the Baths, we hopped back on the boat and sailed to Spanish town, where we went to shore and explored for a little bit. After getting money out of our spending envelopes, many of us went to restaurants to get lunch off of the boat. We also stopped at various shops and stores to get convenience items and souvenirs. After returning back to the boats, we were given our phones for some time. Once we finished calling our parents, filling up on fuel and water, and getting some shore time, we untied the lines and set off toward Vixen Point on the other side of Virgin Gorda. Upon arriving in Vixen Point, we ate risotto with a side of Caesar salad, thanks to chefs Tej and Ella. After many games of Uno, ERS, Speed, and other card games, we ended the day with a dive chat. We all had lots of fun today, and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s rotation day consisting of sailing, windsurfing, and water sports!

– Michael