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The last few days have been very exciting for AQ in the Baltic! Most of our time has been spent in and around the city of Stockholm exploring museums, talking with local people, and sampling delicious Swedish cuisine.

Our visit to the Vasa Museet (Vasa Museum) was a major highlight to everyone aboard M/V Andromeda. The Vasa was a ship commissioned by King Gustav Vasa to be built as his naval flagship in the Thirty Years War. Throughout the building process, no expense was spared as it was meant to show Europe how wealthy and powerful Sweden truly was. Unfortunately, the ship was built too tall and too narrow and was overly top heavy and did not perform well in her stability tests. Even so, she was cleared to head out to open ocean and meet King Gustav and his navy. On the day the vessel set out on her maiden voyage, a few strong gusts of wind caused her to heel to her side, filling the open gun ports with water and sinking the mighty ship right in Stockholm harbor.

The ship was found again in the late 1950s and raised intact in 1961. She was conserved over seventeen years using a constant spray of polyethylene glycol to replace the water in the wood. It was then slowly dried over nine years. The ship is now on display for the public and is 98% original material.