Location: Stockholm


Everyone woke up early this morning around 5:45 with intense excitement, because today was the long-awaited day where we get to tour the Vasa Museum. We raced eagerly out the door and walked to the museum to meet with Dr. Hocker, who is the head of the Research Department at the museum. Dr.Hocker gave us our own personal tour of the museum before it even opened. With whatever question we had for him, he had an answer for it on the spot. He is seriously one of the most interesting men I’ve ever met, so wise and fun-loving. During our tour, I couldn’t really comprehend the fact that this almost totally intact ship is over three hundred years old and almost in perfect condition. We came back to the boat to have a quick lunch; then we went right back to the museum. We spent the afternoon looking at some special collections and picked Dr. Hocker’s brain for a while, then came back to the boat and broke out the ROV for the first time this trip. It was super cool; everyone got a chance to drive and get the hang of it. As everyone was playing with the ROV, I was in the kitchen, making the best spaghetti that anyone has ever had. We ate the amazing deliciousness that Chef Evan prepared, cleaned up, and went to bed.

Evan Savor (Sunflower)