Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an exhilarating day. After a very slow start this morning, we all finally woke up and had some delicious scrambled eggs and muffins. This helped us finish waking up, and once the dishes were washed and stowed we began our fun activities for the day! I started with some snorkeling and saw a gorgeous rainbow bluish fish that glimmered and shined. There was another one blending into the sand below that I didn’t even notice until it shot off at some ridiculous speed when I swam over and startled it. The coral was also really awesome; there was one kind that looked like a brain! After the snorkeling, we had first aid and CPR, in which I had the task of lying down and pretending to be unconscious- two things I excel at! Finally, I had a delicious lunch and went on to mooring ball practice, in which I did a stupendous job parking- why everyone complains about parallel parking. I then moved on to sailing Picos, which was incredibly fun because the wind was gusty and shifty. Now I am sitting down to chicken Caesar salad, corn, and risotto.