Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

“Cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.” The boat’s speakers blare this very early every morning, and the whole boat seems to be sprawled all over the floor indoors on this particular morning mostly because the poor people sleeping outside got caught in a very unfortunate downpour. Anyways, besides waking up to music, we also woke up to a surprise. While we were asleep MJ had docked at the Bitter End Yacht Club. So for a treat, we all got to eat breakfast ashore, which was a nice change (don’t worry, MJ’s food is delicious). So after eating breakfast and calling our parents, we headed back to MJ to take a short dinghy ride to a Rhode (a small sailboat that fits about six people) for a quick sailing lesson. Learning how to tack and jibe on a smaller scale certainly helped improve most of our sailing skills (after a few failed attempts of course).

Along the way, we also managed to help an overturned sailboat back up. After a quick lunch of sandwiches, it was all hands on deck for a 45-minute sail to Seal Dog (a dive site). When we reached the dive site, we entered the water, and when we reached the bottom of the reef, we teamed up to do our underwater navigation training dive. And I’m pleased to say no one got lost. On the way back to the Bitter End we had a quick sail lesson and as soon as we docked, our very esteemed chefs of the day, Morgan and Ben, headed down to the galley to make the best Mexican dinner ever. And after have a very loud and fun dinner (as usual). We all pitched in for a quick BA cleaning and in my opinion, today was pretty successful. As for tomorrow, I don’t know, but I think we should probably go find out. Good night all blog readers!