Location: Antigua

For the second day in a row, the delicious smell of pancakes filled the air. We enjoyed our breakfast, then began our second BA – Boat Appreciation. The long night sails always leave the boat in disarray. Everything is messy and out of place. As the boat was returned to its proper state, we moved onto our first Head Appreciation. Once we completed Head Appreciation, we picked up anchor and headed to the fuel dock. Andy refueled the boat, and we moved to the next dock where we would be for most of our visit to Antigua. Today is a very exciting day because it’s laundry day. We explored the island near the dock. There was an interesting museum that gave a very detailed history of the harbor. The harbor used to be the home of the British Navy. They would build, stock, and repair their vessels in the harbor. Tonight’s dinner is summertime Thanksgiving. Charter dougied while preparing the meal with Brooke. We are all looking forward to our exploration and hike to the fort at Antigua. Tonight is our first of four days we will spend in Antigua before sailing to St. Barths.