Location: West End, Tortola

We all knew that the last full day would be bittersweet. I had the realization that we would like all part tomorrow and it only made us all cherish the little time we had left, the last dive included. Knowing this was the end, the last dive could only be described as madness. People put their fins on their hands and made funny faces the whole time. There were also lots of smooth trunkfish! We’ve laughed, cried, screamed, danced, sailed, dived, dared, raced, ate, and lived together for long enough to know that this is not the end. With numbers exchanged and a group chat formed, this was only the beginning. Now as we sail back to where it all started, an aura of nostalgia has begun to set in. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in the words of a wise man “it’s been fun”.