Location: Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Today is the eighth day of action questing Australia! Its super fun so far, and I love the group! Today we got to snorkel with a lot of huge fish, and people who commonly visit the area has named the two biggest fish. The fish were Maori Wrasse and were named Elvis and Priscilla, and Elvis was the only guy in the group. After that, we motored over to the sandy spit, which was super killer cause we got to walk all around in the water which was shallow and clear, so it was super nice to walk in. Some people saw turtles, sharks, and a bunch of crabs! After that, we sailed back to the marina, and we all got soaked from the high waves, but it was super fun! I’m grateful for having Mal and Barren take us on this trip (they were our Aussie crew who were awesome!)! Now that I’m back at the marina, everyone is excited to shower and get pizza tonight. I’m the most excited because tonight I’m getting my luggage back, after three days/2 nights (it got left in Brisbane when we were flying here a few days ago)! Tomorrow we leave the boat and go to a hostel in Townsville.