Location: Marina Cay

Today we sailed from Great Harbor Peter to Road Town to Marina Cay. We started the day off with eggs for breakfast leading into a different dive for both programs aboard. The Dolphin program had an underwater photography dive. Where they photographed multiple types of coral and several species of fish. The Neptune program went to the wreck of The Fearless. Where they observed the vast variety of marine life living around and in the wreck. We next sailed to Road Town for some shore time for everyone. While ashore, we ate lunch at local restaurants as well as a little bit of shopping. As well as some social time with the other boats. We set sail from Road Town to our where we will be spending the night at Marina Cay. During the sail over we discovered a prank played upon us four days ago. We found that another boat had put about three dozen eggs into our sail bag. But before they could splatter onto our top deck, they were collected and put into a bucket. Once in the eggs were in the bucket, we set sail for the boat that had placed them there. Once in range of the other boat, we rained eggs onto their deck, and they returned fire. Then we reached our final destination, Marina Cay, where we will be spending the night. We will also be participating in LifeWorks tonight.