Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Destination: Chikuzen: 4 degrees for 10.4 miles. Destination: Muskmelon Bay: 206 degrees for 9.2 miles. Today we woke later than usual because of a staff meeting and ate french toast with just the shipmates. It was awesome, especially after last night. We spent the majority of the day sailing to the Chikuzen and beating other boats. The Chikuzen was not calm and not surrounded by very visible land like our dive was right in the middle of the water and was very rough. Once we were down, it was much calmer with a ton of openings to look through, and it was really interesting inside the ship. We saw two huge eagle rays and a barracuda. Tonight we completed our final certification for our night dives and were welcomed by clean laundry! We shared the boat with some Odyssea shipmates. We are all relaxing in our clean clothes right now. Overall, it was a good day.