Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Our glorious day started at 7:00 am, an extremely enjoyable day of sleeping in. After a phenomenal breakfast of banana pancakes, everyone set up dive gear for a nice fun dive at Sandy Peak. As the name suggests, the dive was all on a sandy bottom, so instead of looking for fish in a coral reef we all descended to the bottom and took off our fins to do flips on the sand, quite professionally and magnificently I may add, to the point where an onlooker may have thought they were looking at 12 different Tom Cruises. Halfway through we had an up close encounter with a stingray; however, a couple of us did have to back up to prevent the occurrence of a Steve Irwin situation. The dive ended with a swim by of an absolutely majestic spotted eagle ray, which might have just been the greatest thing any of us had ever seen. For lunch, we went into Rhode Town and then left with an hour and a half sail race. Despite starting off in last place out of four boats, we were able to pull through in the most clutch way possible, which was due to the boat in first going the wrong way and being disqualified. As Albert Einstein said, winning by default is nobler than earning the win yourself. The day concluded with a lovely sausage dinner, along with a rooftop view of the sunset as we blew bubbles and ate Oreos.