Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day began early in the morning for almost everyone as we were still on passage from St. Barths to the British Virgin Islands. Those on watch had some cereal and snacks for breakfast. As we got closer to the BVI’s we headed to the Baths for a fun, but short, stop at the jumping rock. Though it was a bit difficult for some to maneuver through the giant rocks and boulders that make up the baths, once everyone got to the jumping rock it seemed that the challenge was definitely worth it. After leaving The Baths, we set out our headsail and motor sailed to Salt Island where some of our crew dove the Rhone (one of my personal favorite dives in the BVI). Following the dive, we put away our dive gear and headed to Great Harbour Peter where we saw the rest of the ActionQuest fleet. It was amazing to be back with the rest of the boats and it brought back great memories of my first year at ActionQuest. We then anchored and took ocean showers, while the chefs made dinner (Mexican Night #2). Tomorrow the advanced sailors will take the Advanced Sailing test so tonight we will be reviewing and studying. Its super nice to be back with the AQ Fleet after our amazing voyage and as our trip draws to an end the Wind Shadow crew continues to get closer.