Location: The Bight, Norman Island to Savannah Bay

For some of us who were sleeping on the hammocks, the day began at 3 am, when it started raining. We officially woke up at 6 am to a Bob Marley song. Then we had breakfast. Brooke and Camilla were the chefs and cooked for us some extra tasty muffins. At 7:30, we started the engine, put up the sail, and left The Bight. A few hours later, we arrived in Road Town, which is a little city on Tortola. We had lunch there and bought heaps of junk food! (especially double stuffed Oreos and Gushers). We got back to the island at around 2 pm and discovered our new boat which has a giant living room. We were all excited until we realized that the new boat looked so much bigger only because there was way less storage than on the first one! So, we spent the whole afternoon trying to fit everything in it and then we moved to Savannah Bay to drop the anchor and finally have sleep!