Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started off with a delicious breakfast of French toast, and interesting scrambled eggs with cinnamon. After breakfast, we left Great Harbour Peter to go to wreck alley for our dive. The dive was spectacular! We first saw a flounder, and continued to see other amazing wildlife throughout the rest of the dive. The coolest part was seeing the turtle, and ray back to back. After the dive we had lunch. The lunch consisted of chicken salad sandwiches. The Dolphins then left to go do a sargassum lab. During the lab, we took buckets of salt water mixed with sargassum, where we found baby crabs, shrimp, and even the rare sargassum fish, whom we later named Gilbert! When we returned to the boat we had breakfast for dinner. After dinner, it started to rain so everyone grabbed their bathing suits and jumped into the water. Today was so much fun and most certainly a day we will never forget!