Location: Marina Cay

We woke up early this morning and immediately set sail for Hodge’s Creek. As the best boat in the fleet, we had to pick up everyone’s fresh linens. The channel into Hodge’s Creek is only about 5 ft in some places, so it was a little scary driving in. Somehow we managed to escape that treacherous marina and set our sights on Ginger Island for some scuba. When we arrived at Ginger Island, there was someone moored at the Ginger Steps dive site where we wanted to dive. Sam told me to head out towards a scary looking island called Caraval Rock. It sits in the middle of the channel between Cooper and Ginger Island, with sharp cliffs and waves breaking all around. The dive turned out to be one of the best dives ever, and it was a perfect place to see some sharks, but unfortunately, we didn’t. After diving, we sailed over to Trellis Bay where we ate some Famous Awesome Sandwiches and called our friends and family. Then we went over and anchored at Marina Cay. Right when we thought we had a good spot, Sam told us to haul the anchor back in because he saw a better spot. It was after we finished putting down our anchor, two adult dolphins and a baby came and swam around our boat. It was probably the coolest thing we’ve seen on the whole trip and one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Later we took our dinghy, Sumo, over to shore for a Lifeworks where we listened to a speech on tape. It was very deep, and it got everyone thinking about their families. Today was one of my favorite days of the trip.