Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we got to put some of our MOB (man overboard) into practice, don’t worry, no people actually went overboard. We woke up after an eventful night at the BBQ to french toast made by Lilly and Mike. Normally we always anchor or attach to a mooring ball, but the night before, we Mediterranean docked, so when we walked up on deck, we had neighbors, which for me was quite a surprise. Before we had breakfast, the staff left for their staff meeting, so it was just us kids. Which meant nothing got done like putting up the blue lagoon or doing the dishes until the last second. Once all the monohulls were ready to leave, we pulled away from the dock one at a time letting the anchor pull up away from the dock. Today was our practical for sailing, so we took turns doing our last sail skill, which was sailing circles, which for me was the hardest of them all. There were multiple times throughout the circle that I thought we all might die, but it was a bit of an overreaction. After we got through everyone doing their circles, we headed for Sandy Spit. On the way over was when the fun began. We were sailing along like normal when Jack said, “ummmm…..the… dingy…we lost the dingy.” We all turned around to see that our dingy junior had broken free. So, we rolled in the jib, kicked on the motor, and did our figure eight to get our lost junior. Jack was up on the bow of the boat to hook it, and Hannah jumped into it. Thankful junior started, and Hannah was able to pull junior back around and get him attached. The thing is, when there are five-foot swells, it is kinda hard to coordinate the dingy going up and down with the waves and well as the boat to get Hannah back on the boat. But Hannah was amazing and somehow managed to make it back alive. We were all joking after that; instead of a MOB, it was a DOB. Once we anchored in Sandy Spit, we waiting for the dive boats to arrive so we could do our Peak Performance, Buoyancy dive. We also ended up doing one of our night dives as well. Although there was not too much to see, it was super cool to see the rainstorm that passed over us while we were under the water. Once we got back to the boat, we had our dinner of hotdog, beans, rice, and cheese, which for me was an interesting mix, to say the least, and then headed to bed.