Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we started the day eating cereal for breakfast. We had fruit loops and cinnamon toast crunch, which made it delicious! After eating, we sailed medium boats in two groups. It was so much fun! I was with Eli as an instructor, and we learned so much about the positions of the boat towards the wind. I think that as the boat gets smaller, it’s easier. After sailing, we did more sailing but now in a smaller boat called a Pico. I got to go with Mariana because you sail them in pairs and we capsized like five times, and the instructors had to come every time and help us. When we were done, we started a dive chat with Nikki who taught us to use a chart so you know how much time you can stay underwater. Then Eleni picked us up, and we did boat games and made a human knot, and we spent like half an hour untying ourselves. Then we started preparing ourselves for the BBQ party! The girls spent like ten minutes getting done which was a record for us. We ate hamburgers and then we started dancing the whole night! I felt like in a club with a DJ Heavy Beatz! In the end, only the girls from our boat were dancing and having so much fun.