Location: Sandy Spit

Everyone struggled to wake up after our incredibly long day yesterday. We were all aching from the hike but still looking forward to the day ahead. For breakfast, we had pancakes which were a nice break after all of our hard work yesterday. After breakfast, we pulled up the anchor and sailed a short way to a spot near the “Playgrounds” dive site. Here we set up our dive gear and headed off for our first dive. Dolphins had a research dive and Neptunes had a fun dive. Our research group saw a big Caribbean reef shark! Other groups saw eagle rays and some other sharks. After the dive, we sailed around the island and had some lunch. Neptunes then had an equipment lecture while Dolphins set up dive gear for our next research dive at the “Playgrounds.” Our research group finished collecting all of the data we needed to write our project and celebrated with high fives underwater. As we were getting back onto the boat, the Neptunes headed in. Half an hour later they came back very excited as they had seen a huge shark sleeping and a manta ray! We were all very jealous (especially Marina). After that, Dolphins started writing up our research projects. Looks like we will be working very hard over the next few days! We then had Hibi showers and got ready for dinner. We at franks and beans with cornbread. Yummy! We have another Lifeworks forum tonight on our boat, and we are all looking forward to it. And I think we’re all looking forward to sleeping tonight as we are all still very tired from yesterday!