Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hi family! Today is day 7, meaning we have officially been at a summer camp for one whole week! Two more to go! Today we woke up in Vixen Point, we had a nice breakfast of cereals and granola and proceeded to get ready for our rotation day. Today‚Äôs rotation day consisted of windsurfing, watersports, and a dive. Our dive was incredible, and we got to see lots of cool fishes on the reef. I saw a smooth trunkfish, it was super cute and not too shy, so I was able to observe it for a while. I am currently looking at our Reef Fish I.D. Book, and the juvenile smooth trunkfish is even cuter and the size of a pea! For lunch, we had mac n cheese. It was really good, and it was quite the sight to see everybody’s excitement when we got the thumbs up to get seconds! We have now anchored and are ready for our first BBQ together where DJ Heavy Beats will play, the best DJ on the island! I hope life at home is treating everyone well. We are all having a blast here!