Location: Dalaro


Today was a great day. We started a little bit early, around seven in the morning, and went to the dive shop. After getting a little lost on the drive, we arrived and met our drysuit instructors. Then we loaded everything, made some muscle, and hit the road. It took a while to get to the diving spot, but we had music, nice conversation, friends, and sleep, so it wasn’t so hard. When we arrived, we loaded everything into the boat, made some muscle, and started to sail with Captain Jonas. At around 9:30, we arrived at the wreck already suited up, and it was great. We had perfect buoyancy and got to see all of the three-hundred and six-year-old woods and planks that Sarah keeps telling us about. Then we went to a little island, had a quick sandwich, and got to the other wreck (yeah, two three-hundred-year-old wrecks in one day!) where we did basically the same, only more awesome. At the end of the day, we hung up our gear in Stockholm at Fantasea Diving, had dinner, and yeah, that was our day. Only way cooler than it sounds!