Location: Marina Cay

As we awoke from a long night’s rest, we were ready for a new day full of adventures. Once we reached Great Dog Island, our team moored the boat. The Vega scuba divers began their day finishing the final exam in which they all passed. We then dinghied over to Erocibar where we learned to tie monkey’s fist and Turk’s Head knots. Once back on the boat the chefs cooked everyone a lunch of quesadillas. After lunch, we prepared for the scuba dive. Split into small groups we explored the depths of the Chimney’s. The aquatic life that lived in the reefs below was spectacular. Venturing through the crevices in the rocks quickly became everyone’s favorite part of the day. When the dives ended it was time to sail over to Marina Cay, where the anchor team assembled and was able to anchor us on the first try. The chefs were hard at work again when it was time to prepare dinner. Following dinner, we showered quickly in hopes of getting a seat at the Lifeworks Forum that is taking place later tonight.