Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an amazing day. We woke up to an amazing sunrise. Then we rose the anchor and headed to our dive site. We were so excited to dive there because it was 40 feet and it was a breathtaking dive. The current was very strong but it was definitely worth it. Then we did some sail training and went to Salt Island. At Salt Island we did a beautiful but hot hike, then after all that sweating, we took a dip in the water and then ate lunch. For lunch, we had yummy ramen. Then we did our knot test, part of boat test, and our final exam. The exam was to get our sailing certification. After that, we went swimming and jumping of the boat. It was so fun spending time with our long-lasting friends. Then we did breakfast for dinner and after that, we, of course, did our evening squeeze. We had the best day ever and we can’t wait for tomorrow. date:Aug 12, 2017