Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a long travel from all over the USA, the majority of our crew arrived on the Tropicool late last night, greeted by friendly staff and hot tortellini. We quickly adapted to life on a catamaran overnight just in time for check-ins, lunch, and a rough sail across the Atlantic to Great Harbor Peter. If last night I learned of a catamaran’s stability on still water, today was the day I learned how far up it could pitch and how much Caribbean water it could spray on our faces. After mooring in the harbor, it was our turn to take to the seas for a quick check-in dive after reaffirming our swim tests. We explored a small reef and got a taste of what’s coming our way in these next three weeks. Dinner brought another new face as a dinghy materialized out of the Atlantic night, carrying our last crewmate, who arrived after some travel delay. Much like before with the rest of the crew, however, we quickly bonded over a hot meal. After quickly urging my Arizonan self to grow a pair of sea legs, I couldn’t be more excited to flex them in the weeks ahead!