Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up bright and early for some yummy pancakes (thank you, Matt and Adrienne). Then we were off and sailed to Ginger Island for an awesome dive at a site called Alice in Wonderland. We all dove as a big group, Neptunes, and Dolphins together. After we broke down our gear, we sailed over to Marina Cay to fill up on fresh water. Once that was done we were underway again. We arrived at Trellis Bay after lunch and hung out on land for about two hours. Everyone got to buy snacks, cool drinks, souvenirs, and hang out with their friends from other boats. Then, once all our shopping in the steamy sun was over, we headed back to Marina Cay. After we anchored the chefs started on dinner, and the showers began. When we were all clean, we chilled on deck for a while. Then we had a nice tortellini dinner where we all got a chance to relax from another action-packed day! Now we’re all waiting around until we have to go on shore for a Lifeworks forum. Hope everyone’s having an awesome summer cuz we are!