Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today turned out great. After we woke up, everyone was happy to know that we were having pancakes cooked by our chefs of the day Valerie and Laura. Everyone loved eating breakfast today as the pancakes were gone almost immediately. After breakfast, everyone felt anxious to take our dive test, which everyone passed and the mood for the day was set into happy mode. We learned later on that we were going to have our first open water dive, but we had to wait until navigation chat was over. We learned how to triangulate points, how to use parallel rulers, and how to determine nautical miles. Once navigation chat was over, everyone downed grilled cheese for lunch to get to our dive quicker. Our first open water dive was amazing. We saw lobsters, squid, and a spotted eel holed up in a rock. Everyone had a great time. The next activity was wakeboarding/waterskiing when Brage and I got up and stayed up for a long bit on the wakeboards for the first time. Halfway through this activity, Sam showed up letting us know that he had successfully completed his confined water skills, something that had eluded him for a while. After our last activity we came back to the boat to have showers, then eat Thanksgiving food. Later we are going to have a sail chat and go to bed to get rested for tomorrows schedule.