Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We had a late start this morning, so, unfortunately, we didn’t have time to make pancakes, but instead, we had cereal. Today was a rotation day. First of all, we learned about navigation; then we practiced picking up mooring balls. Then we had lunch which was grilled cheese! It was delicious! After lunch, we all went diving. Vegas had their first open water dive! It was so much fun! We saw lots of fish and awesome coral. There were lots of jellyfish, and we saw a stingray! Vegas went 35 feet deep, and Carinas 60 feet. We can’t wait til our next dive! After the dive, we sailed Picos on Vivo Libre. It was a lot of fun! Now we are about to have dinner- turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. It smells quite good. Today it was cloudy, and there was barely any wind. I liked the weather today. I think Mountain Point is my favorite place that I’ve been to. It’s so relaxing! I love it here! It looks like it is going to rain tonight. I can see big grey clouds coming! It has been a great day, each day gets better. I can’t wait for tomorrow!