Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

After waking up at 6:30 am as usual and wishing happy birthday to Jessica, we ate delicious scrambled eggs. After clean up, some of us went waterskiing, and the others chilled, waiting for the dive. At 9 am, everyone set up their dive gear, and Neptunes were doing a fun dive. For the Dolphins, it was a research dive for our Research Diver specialty; we had to find as many fishes on the list given by Marina as possible. This dive was cool, and some of us saw a stingray and squids. When everyone was back on the boat, we ate tortilla soup for lunch with cheddar and crackers. After lunch, the Neptunes went on one of the other AQ catamarans – Mahi Mahi – for playing games on the beach. While the Neptunes were away, the Dolphins moved Distant Drums to Monkey Point. This point is famous for turtles. After a briefing about the sea turtles and the way to catch them, we went on our dinghy with fins, mask, and snorkel. Groups of two were pulled by the dinghy while trying to spot a turtle. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one, but we’re going to try again tomorrow. Afterward, we did a shark dissection! Marina showed us the anatomy of a shark; it was very interesting, and we learned a lot of new things. At the end of the dissection, the three Neptunes came back from the beach. Together we cleaned the boat from bow to stern. Our boat looks magnificent, even more than before! After this cleaning, we went with our dinghy to the beach for a barbecue. We ate delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. Then we went back to our newly-cleaned Distant Drums for a Hibiclens shower before going to bed to get ready for a new, awesome day!