Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today I woke up before everyone else and watched the sun come up from behind a hill. After our breakfast of cereal, we had a full day of diving, studying, and water sports. We read 50 pages from our new Advanced Open Water dive manuals and started studying the parts of a boat, while some others started diving in groups. Because I am still doing dives for my Open Water certification, I got to go on a dive with Sarah. I also got to boat past the boats where my friends, Chili and Dolly, were staying. After my dive, I practiced the knots I learned today with my friends Eva and Eres before eating dinner. Right now, I am solving Kian’s Rubik’s cube again while waiting for us to start a personality test where we learn about our leadership style. I am excited to know my crewmates even better in the coming days!