Location: The Dogs

We woke up today on the move, heading to a new dive site. Breakfast was a simple cereal and melon buffet. The first jump in felt a bit brisk since it was still early in the morning, and the water had not warmed up yet. We descended into the Chimneys and began our exploration. Javi was my dive leader and took us to a cut in the coral formation. A crevice no wider than a single person’s shoulder width yielded curiosity in all members of the group. We swam in a single file line through the crevice, which opened into a large cave. While there was little life in the cave, it led to a large, colorful reef that harbored organisms of all sorts. From lobsters to schools of colorful fish, there were many sights to see. Not long after removing our gear, we set sail for our next dive site, the Coral Gardens. On the way, I found myself asleep on the roof of the catamaran. I woke up to ranch being poured on my face thanks to my obstreperous cabin mates. The Coral Gardens led to a sandy stretch where we found several plane wrecks. I snapped several pictures of Robbie inside of a cockpit. We saw a variety of life throughout the dive. We returned to the boat for a delectable mac and cheese lunch and set sail to our new mooring location. After tying up, Anna gave a lecture about fish identification. Afterward, some people participated in a quick swim before feasting on broccoli and cheddar pasta. As I am writing this, we are about to begin Lifeworks Forum. Whatever that is, we will find out soon enough. Following this, we’ll fall asleep on our 6th night in paradise.