Location: Great Barrier Reef and Cairns, Australia

Today was sadly our last day out on the reef. Although we were all sad to leave, we still had three more dives to look forward to. Our day started as a routine day; waking up at 7:00 to a nice breakfast of eggs, toast, and fruit. After this, we had a short briefing about our first dive in the Coral Gardens. This was one of the group’s favorite dives as we swam with sea-turtles, pet enormous grouper fish and studied the bright neon corals and starfish. We had two more dives where we saw equally as good sea creatures such as Nemo fish, giant clams, and sharks. The only bad part about these dives was that the current was extremely strong and it was hard to move forward for the snorkelers. After finishing off our dives, we boarded the same boat that we took to the Great Barrier Reef for a two-hour boat ride back to Cairns. On the boat, we either slept or got soaked by the waves on the back deck. Once we arrived back to Cairns, we headed to the Motel for pizza dinner and a Lifeworks Forum. During our meeting, we wrote notes to one another about what we liked about them and about the good times we had together. It was a great day, but we went to bed unprepared for our final day in Australia. At least we’re looking forward to white water rafting tomorrow even though it’s our last day….bittersweet.