Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We started the day out with a quick breakfast of french toast, followed by our first search and recovery dive. After surfacing from our successful dive, we all put away our dive gear and motored to Leverick Bay. All of the “Loves” were grateful to be able to go to shore for a bit after docking and cleaning up the boat from all our dive gear. We explored the area on shore for an hour or two, and a few of us were lucky enough to encounter a few of our old skippers and catch up. Personally, it was awesome catching up with Cayley, a staff member on my boat last summer, after not having seen her in a year. Then we motored to Vixen Point, where every other boat was anchored for our beach BBQ tonight, and for our rescue Emergency First Responder course. Everyone was excited to learn all of the tips and techniques for responding to emergencies and learning CPR. Everyone was able to practice resuscitating dummies and was rewarded with free time on the beach. It’s been an insanely crazy and awesome day, and the beach BBQ is going swimmingly. We’re all learning so much and growing closer every day! I’m so lucky to be on this boat! Til next time!