Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day began with a breakfast of oatmeal and melon – devoured quickly to ensure we would have plenty of time to explore the famous wreck. The Rhone itself was a behemoth to behold, significantly larger than many of us had expected and with a bloody history uncharacteristic of an otherwise inconspicuous mailing vessel. Throughout the wreck, squirrelfish, eels, angelfish, the occasional turtles, and some sharks could be spotted, due in part to the role the Rhone now plays as an artificial reef. Shortly afterward, we hiked Salt Island (a brief dinghy trip from the Rhone) and visited the cemetery in which its passengers and crew were buried. A lunch of simple ramen led into a relaxed afternoon of goldfish consumption, napping and some snorkeling to scout the site of our impending night dive. A dinner of risotto subsequently led into a dive in which stingrays were plentiful and light scarce, melding to create a perfect storm of excitement, beauty, and a bit of fear. Today has raised the bar yet again and will be a Lodestar for our future adventuring expeditions.