Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up today at 6am because we had to relocate our boat. Some of us who slept on deck put on lifejackets and went back to sleep for the next hour. I stole Robin’s bed. Then we had a quick breakfast got ready to go diving. Today was our last confined water day. Tomorrow we will be diving in open water, we are all excited. Anyway, after diving we went to another boat and went waterskiing. Then we went back to our own boat and had soup. Then we all went on another boat and practiced man overboard drills. There wasn’t much wind so it took a while, but we learned a lot. Then we went back into our own boat and studied for our scuba diving test. Then we took the test. It was alright. We will all probably pass. Then we relocated our boat near some huge rocks which we saw goats on. We took showers and got ready for dinner, which was chicken caesar salad. Then we did a hardcore scrub down of our entire boat.