Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up 15 min early and ate a quick breakfast, and quickly moved the boat to the dive site and connected to a Mooring ball. Once there, we quickly got our gear together to get in an early dive to start of our day. During the dive, we did multiple different skills. One skill is fully flooded mask removal, where we removed our mask and put it back on at a depth of 9 meters. Some of the cool features of the dive include a sand highway and reef on either side. On each side, there were some really cool coral and fish. After the dive, we went to another boat to learn the different boat systems. We looked at the engines and how the heads work. We also looked at all the different power systems and learned more about how the boat works overall. Once leaving the neighboring boat, a few of us went on a super dingy and went water skiing. When water skiing, a few people did wakeboarding, others did kneeboarding, and others did water skiing. The other half of the students went to a different boat and had some time to relax. The boat was a catamaran which is much more spacious than the boat we normally have, but it was really cool to see how other boats live. After an hour or two, we all went back to the boat for lunch. After lunch, we went zesting and relaxed on a different boat. Once returning back to the boat after zesting and relaxing, we got ready for the BBQ.