Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we got off to a very early start with a wake up at 6:20 to set up the dive pen. The dive pen is a sectioned off area between the two dive boats using lines and rope. After a quick breakfast, the Vegas and advanced divers came to our boat for their dives. While some of us assisted, the rest of us completed a skill required to become a Divemaster called the equipment exchange. Amongst the instructors and DM’s, it is called the “stress test” due to the intensity of it. Two partners must exchange all of their gear while sharing one regulator. After that, we helped the students deconstruct their gear and had lunch after. Lunch today was grilled cheese with bacon bits. We cleaned lunch up and soon, the second round of divers boarded our boat. Then we did the 100-meter rescue tow. We had to push/pull our buddy 100 meters in a given time. Our legs felt like they were made of jelly. We finished off the day eating risotto and Caesar salad with Mike, the AQ director. And we plan on a very early bedtime.