Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we slowly got up after the “longest day ever” and French Toast for breakfast. After a nice breakfast at Sydney’s, we headed out to Sandy Spit (the best island ever) and got our dive gear ready to dingy over to the Play Grounds. On the first dive, the Neptune group saw a bull shark while the Dolphins saw a smaller reef shark and took more data for their research project. We then had some sandwiches for lunch and began our afternoon. In the afternoon, our boat split into three groups, some dived (and saw two sharks and a manta ray), others had beach time, and the dolphins dissected a sea urchin (or attempted too). Once everyone was back on the boat, we cooked dinner (Frank and Beans with rice) and headed back onto Sandy Spit where we ate, watched the sunset, and squeezed. We are now all showering and looking forward to another Life Works with Sam tonight!